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A Climex – Controlo de Ambiente, SA, adiante designada Climex, é a proprietária do presente website (adiante “site”). Este site utiliza cookies para criar uma experiência ótima de navegação aos utilizadores. Ao navegar neste site sem alterar as definições de cookies do seu navegador de Internet, está a consentir o uso dos cookies para os fins e de acordo com a informação fornecida neste aviso.
Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or run an application. Your Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) sends these cookies back to the site or application on each subsequent visit so that their usage preferences can be identified.
Cookies from our site do not display information regarding your personal data. The cookies on our site are only used in an anonymous and statistical evaluation and for improving user’s orientation purposes.
We do not share this information with third parties.
You can configure your Internet browser to disable the use of cookies.

cookies types

The cookies we use can be divided into the following categories:

Customization cookies - allow us to remember your location/language preferences. Thus, on subsequent visits the user will not have to be always selecting these options, making the visit easier.

Statistics Cookies - let us understand by collecting usage statistics, how users navigate our website and how we can improve your website experience and functionality. We use Google Analytics, one of the most commonly used and reliable statistics services, to help us collect this information. The information collected, such as pages visited or time spent on the website, does not allow to identify specific users since the visits are anonymous.

how to manage cookies
Most browsers will allow:
  • View the cookies placed on your computer and delete them individually;
  • Block cookies from third-party sites;
  • Block cookies from specific sites;
  • Block all cookies;
  • Delete all cookies when you close your internet browser
To enable, block or delete cookies follow the instructions in your browser (usually located in the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" options).
Blocking a cookie or a category of cookies does not delete the cookie from your browser, so you need to do delete it manually.
The option to delete cookies implies that all your preferences, accessing websites that you usually visit, will be excluded. Note that if you block all cookies, many of the sites may stop working properly as some of their features will not be available.
If you want to know more about cookies and how to manage or delete them, visit * or *
* We are not responsible for the content and accuracy of external websites.
Last updated: 08/04/2021