Climex is a cleaning and hygiene services Portuguese company , founded in 1967, leader in value creation , innovation and sustainability.

Climex provides an intelligent cleaning services ecosystem.

We apply technological innovation and robotics to management and cleaning solutions.
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Climex, a technological reference.

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See here Climex Code of Conduct and Support Flyer as well as Procedure for reporting irregularities

Integrated and unique solutions for each client

All activity sectors knowledge

More than 2000 cleaning workers

Continuous technological innovation

Geographical coverage
Portugal and Spain

Privileged support

Climex Mobile System

Training Academy

Environmental, civic and social responsibility

What is Climex Mobile System

The future begins today with Climex Mobile System - Intelligent Cleaning - a cleaning services management app that allows to organize and monitor cleaning services operational activity .

Generates management information that is available to Client in real time.

Climex Clients have access to a unique and innovative solution. Client accesses the system through a Dashboard.

Our commitment is total Transparency.

What do you get?
A system that records all cleaning actions.
> Accuracy in monitoring services
> Real-time information
> Obtaining service performance data
> Obtaining users Satisfaction levels in spaces cleaned by Climex
Climex Mobile System

Simple, Transparent and Fast

Real-time information

Always available within one click

Greater service support

Centralized data in a single point

Faster intervention

More time for Client to focus on their business

Multiple Advantages and Services

Quality and Environment

Cleaning services ecosystem provided by Climex has been supported, since 1997, in its Integrated Management System, certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements and in compliance with NP 4469-1 and EN 16636.

Climex is audited annually by SGS, the reference certification company in Portugal. Get to know our Integrated Policy.

We have NATO Industrial Safety accreditation and we are an Organization that proves its strict legal compliance regarding to packaging waste management, through membership of Packaging Waste Integrated System Management of Sociedade Ponto Verde.

Quality and Environment


All employees are adequately trained in the role they will play, both in our Training Center and on job where they will carry out their cleaning activity.

Climex Training is based on the following pillars:
Operational and service organization | Work plan; assiduity and punctuality.
Operational environmental aspects | Service waste production ; Water, energy consumption; Emergency situations management.
Work Safety and Health | Module adapted to compliance with the legislation of the HACCP food safety system; Performance inhibitory substances consumption prohibition; Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Technical | Chemicals and Cleaning Techniques; Cleaning Equipment Training; Facilities with contagion situations disinfection (potential or confirmed)
Personal development | Behavioral and Professional Conduct Training






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