Climex Robotics

Climex is pioneer in introducing robotics in cleaning services.

Robotics in Cleaning

Higher productivity, higher added value
Industrial Cleaning Robot is a revolution in the Cleaning industry. Suitable for floor cleaning in large areas such as industrial halls, corridors, large reception areas, production areas or unimpeded areas such as shopping centers, airports, sports centers, stadiums or hospitals where frequent cleaning is required.
While the robot washes the pavement, cleaning teams are allocated to greater added value tasks and where human intervention is necessary and obligatory.
Cross contamination reduction.
The UV disinfection robot is an autonomous disinfection equipment in hospital areas, food production areas or laboratory areas.
Reduces cross-contamination sources that result in hospital-acquired infections.
The robot can be placed as an additional or main element in cleaning system circuit.
Disinfect all contact surfaces within their action range (eg door handles, basins, surgical equipment, glasses, etc.) where they are the main bacteria focuses, ie greatest human contact points.